Transcendant (Gerbard)

Maybe you’re busy right now
goin’after you goals…

Maybe you’re feelin’ so low
and there’s no one around…

Maybe you’re thinkin’ and thinkin’ and
you can’t find a way out…

but whatever you do, whatever you feel, whatever you think,
just remember to embody the transcendant, is why we’re here.(2x)

So focus on your breath and watch the thoughts on the screen of your mind,
in order to find, the silent observer, who is already kind.(2x)

This song is purely about enlightenment: because nothing outside can ever give you, what you’re lookin’ for. IT IS ALREADY THERE INSIDE OF YOU, THE SILENT OBSERVER WATCHING THE THOUGHTS ON YOUR MIND GO BY, LIKE CLOUDS AGAINST A BLUE SKY.
I’m NOT saying that thinking is not important, it is: to solve problems, BUT IT IS NOT WHAT WE ARE.
I can really feel a sense of transcendence. Can you feel it?

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